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What is the Cooking Project?
The Cooking Project is a non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to teaching kids and young adults fundamental cooking skills. Our community of chefs, writers, home cooks, farmers and growers teach how to connect with food through a variety of programs on everything from unusual ingredients to how to cook simple, tasty dishes at home.

Our programs are based on the principle that learning to cook means learning much more than that. We believe that learning to eat well is fundamental to our kids’ future success and the health of our communities. Through our programs, young people develop their curiosity, creativity, self-discipline, and self-respect, and learn about science, history, and other cultures, all while developing critical cooking skills.

By making cooking fun and demystifying the culture of food, The Cooking Project aims to inspire young people, regardless of background, to successfully take on challenges–in the kitchen and out.

crabWhen and where?
We are infinitely grateful to the San Francisco Cooking School, located at at 690 Van Ness Avenue, for hosting the classes, one of the many ways in which they support their community. However, please DO NOT call them to reserve a space, call us! The San Francisco Cooking School is a professional school that hosts our program but does not offer classes for children at this time. Our cooking classes are free for young people from the Tenderloin community, ages 15-25, and held every other Monday from 3-4:30PM. It is not a drop-in program – we only accept kids sent to us by community organizations, programs and schools. We also partner with existing programs to go onsite and guest teach within their existing curriculum.

Who are we?
Executive Director, Sasha Bernstein

Chef and Community Supporters:
Mourad Lahlou, Laurence Jossel, Richie Nakano, Jodi Liano, Bill Corbett, Kim Alter, Joanne Weir, Charlie Hallowell, Elianna Friedman, Adam Tortosa, Matthew Dolan, Sarah Henkin, Brandon Jew, Shakira Simley, Bi-Rite Market, Alexander Ong, Bruce Cole, Tara Duggan, Hollie Greene, Anna Derivi-Castellanos, Three Babes Bakeshop, Leif Hedendal, and growing….

Extra special thanks to:
Jodi Liano, San Francisco Cooking School
Benjamin Nelsen, Larkin Street Youth Services
Jon Adams, illustrator
Kristján Pétursson, developer
Barry Jenkins, videographer

Read about us here:
The San Francisco Chronicle

The Cooking Project is a community initiative by DPG

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Come cook with us!


Classes are held every other Monday at the San Francisco Cooking School, located at 690 Van Ness Street in San Francisco. They are free for young people ages 15 to 25. We accept students sent to us by Tenderloin community organizations, programs and schools. No need to bring anything. We’ll have everything there!

Each class you’ll learn a few simple dishes that you can make at home, taught by local chefs, writers and good home cooks.

Here are our upcoming dates for free Monday classes at The San Francisco Cooking School!:
April 28 from 3-4:30PM
May 12 from 3-4:30PM
June 9 from 3-4:30PM
June 30 from 3-4:30PM
July 7 from 3-4:30PM
July 21 from 3-4:30PM
August 11 from 3-4:30PM
August 25 from 3-4:30PM

Here are some of our past classes:
March Daniel Patterson, Coi
April Mourad Lahlou, Aziza
May Laurence Jossel, Nopa
June 3 from 3-4:30PM, Richie Nakano, Hapa Ramen
June 17 from 3-4:30PM, Kim Alter, Plum
July 1 from 3-4:30PM, Adam Tortosa, 1760
July 15 from 3-4:30PM, Matthew Dolan, 25 Lusk
July 29 from 3-4:30PM, Leif Hedendal
August 12 from 3-4:30PM, Bill CorbettAbsinthe Group
August 19 from 3-4:30PM, Matt Tinder, Coi
September 9 from 3-4:30PM, Elianna Friedman, CUESA and Anna Derivi-Castellanos, Three Babes Bakeshop
September 23 from 3-4:30PM, Hollie GreeneJOYFOODLY and Shakira Simley, Bi-Rite Market
October 7 from 3-4:30PM, Alexander Ong, chef and educator
October 21 from 3-4:30PM, Brandon Jew
November 4 from 3-4:30PM, Tara Duggan, Author of Root to Stalk Cooking: The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable (Ten Speed, August 13, 2013)
November 18 from 3-4:30PM, Cooking with Bi-Rite!
December 2 from 3-4:30PM, Cooking with Bruce Cole, Edible San Francisco
December 16 from 3-4:30PM, Butchery class with John Hogeland
January 27 from 3-4:30PM, Winter vegetables with Anthony Strong, Locanda
February 3 from 3-4:30PM, Recipes from India with Elianna Friedman, Bay Leaf Kitchen
February 10 from 3-4:30PM, Cooking with Leslie Jonath, Feed Your People
March 17 from 3-4:30PM, Cooking with Chefs Suzette Gresham and Mark Pensa, Acquerello
March 31 from 3-4:30PM, Mushrooms with Bruce Cole, Edible San Francisco
April 7 from 3-4:30PM Cooking with Alison Mountford, Square Meals

Visiting soon: Joanne Weirauthor and chef

Cooking Basics

cooking basics


Local news and recipes

IMG_4724 IMG_4720

Thank you Alison Mountford of Square Meals for cooking and sharing this delicious recipe with us! BRAISED CHICKEN WITH OLIVES, ASPARAGUS, GARBANZO BEANS • 8 organic chicken leg/thighs, trimmed of excess fat • Sea salt • Freshly ground black pepper [...]

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This morning we rose early and headed over to Lowell High School to take get cooking with the seniors. Today was “dessert day” and with strawberries filling the markets right now, we had a pretty good idea of what we [...]

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We liked this one so much, we just made it again (with Lowell High School this time) – it’s a winner. If you eat a lot of broccoli, you can save up the leftover stalks for use in this recipe, [...]

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Springtime mushrooms, onions and garden greens galore:

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Elianna Friedman, Founder and Director of Bay Leaf Kitchen visited to show us how to make a few recipes from her recent travels through India. Here’s how to make Naan, Cilantro Chutney, and Saag Paneer: For the Naan: 2 cups [...]

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