Current Classes and Partners

Cooking Class Youth Partnerships!

Guardian Scholars Program – San Francisco State University + Skyline College

P.E. Curriculum at Lowell High School

Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC) – Upward Bound Program

Oasis for Girls

Larkin Street Youth Services

Native American Health Center (NAHC) – Youth Services Program


Our Upcoming Classes!

June 19 with NAHC + Mayo Buenafe-Ze, Food, Family + Ethnicity.

June 26 with NAHC + Mira DʻSouza of Queen Pickle, Food Shopping + Budgeting.

July 2 with NAHC + Joshua Hoyt of American Indian Child Resource CenterFood as Medicine.

July 2 with JCYC + Mayo Buenafe-Ze, Health and Safety + Knife Skills. 

July 9 with JCYC + Mayo Buenafe-ZeFlavor Balance.

July 11 with JCYC + Mayo Buenafe-ZeUsing Heat/Temperature Controlled Cooking.

July 16 with JCYC + Mayo Buenafe-ZeFood Shopping + Budgeting.

July 17 with NAHC + Sheera Duerigen of Alma SemilleraFood and the Community.

July 18 with JCYC + Mayo Buenafe-ZeSustainability, Versatility + Leftovers. 



Check out some of our past guest chefs and classes!