Past Classes and Chefs

Classes at San Francisco Cooking School:


January 30 Pesha Perlsweig, Salvage Supperclub

February 27 Lia Hillman, Biblio Bistro

March 6 Reem Assil, Reem’s California, at Youth Radio

March 27 Lia Hillman, Biblio Bistro

March 29 Jessica Lioon, at Oasis for Girls

April 3 Rachelle Boucher, at Larkin Street Youth

April 5, Sally Rogers, Nibble, Lowell High School

January 11 Armelle Futterman
February 8 Jacqueline Bruno culinary educator
July 18 Rachelle Boucher
October 3 Daniel PattersonLocol
October 10 Lia Hillman, Biblio Bistro
November 7 Preeti Mistry, Juhu Beach Club, at Youth Radio
November 14 Lia Hillman, Biblio Bistro

January 12 Donna Shin
January 26 Daniel Patterson, Coi and DPGrp restaurants
February 9 Rachelle Boucher
February 23 Rachelle Boucher
March 9 Chef David Suarez with Breé Theriault, Rosa Mexicano
March 23 Kim Laidlaw, San Francisco Cooking School
April 6 Michaela Hug-Nelsen, Piccino
April 20 Telmo Faria, Tacolicious and Chino
May 4 Rachelle Boucher
May 18 Kim Alter, Nightbird
June 15 Jacqueline Bruno culinary educator
July 6 Mark Davis, International Culinary School, The Art Institute
September 14 Jacqueline Bruno culinary educator
October 19 Kim Alter, Nightbird
November 9 Eric Ehler, Black Sands Brewery
November 23 Philippe Routhier, Twitter
December 7 David Bazirgan, Dirty Habit

January 27 Winter vegetables with Anthony Strong, Locanda
February 3 Recipes from India with Elianna Friedman, Bay Leaf Kitchen
February 10 Leslie Jonath, Feed Your People
March 17 Suzette Gresham and Mark Pensa, Acquerello
March 31 Mushrooms with Bruce Cole, Edible San Francisco
April 7 Alison Mountford, Square Meals
April 28 Pie-Making with Anna Derivi-Castellanos, Three Babes Bakeshop and Elianna Friedman, Bay Leaf Kitchen
May 16 Eric Ehler, Luke’s Local
June 9 Larry Finn, Scala’s Bistro
June 30 Private class for College Track with Chef Suzette Gresham, Acquerello
July 21 Private class for Oasis for Girls with Chef Suzette Gresham, Acquerello
July 25 Special Class for TNDC with Eric Ehler, Luke’s Local
August 11 Fresh Pasta with Robin Song, Hog & Rocks
August 25 Charlie Parker, Haven
September 8 Benjamin Nelsen, Larkin Street Youth Services
September 22 Soul-Warming Matzo Ball Soup Meesha Halm
October 6 David Goody, Alta
October 20 Yoni Levy, Alta
November 3 Diana Sheng, San Francisco Cooking School
November 17 Armelle Futterman
December 1 Alejandro Morgan, Lolinda

March Daniel Patterson, Coi
April Mourad Lahlou, Aziza
May Laurence Jossel, Nopa
June 3  Richie Nakano, Hapa Ramen
June 17 Kim Alter, Plum
July 1 Adam Tortosa, 1760
July 15 Matthew Dolan, 25 Lusk
July 29 Leif Hedendal
August 12 Bill CorbettAbsinthe Group
August 19 Matt Tinder, Coi
September 9 Elianna Friedman, CUESA and Anna Derivi-Castellanos, Three Babes Bakeshop
September 23 Hollie GreeneJOYFOODLY and Shakira Simley, Bi-Rite Market
October 7 Alexander Ong, chef and educator
October 21 Brandon Jew
November 4 Tara Duggan, Author of Root to Stalk Cooking: The Art of Using the Whole Vegetable
November 18 Cooking with Bi-Rite!
December 2 Bruce Cole, Edible San Francisco
December 16 Butchery class with John Hogeland


Other Classes:
Summer 2013 Series with Up On Top
Fall 2013 Series with Lowell High School
October 2013 with Help for the Homeless
Spring 2014 with Lowell High School
Fall 2014 with Boys & Girls Club
Fall 2014 with Lowell High School
Winter 2015 with the Pomeroy Center
Spring 2015 with Lowell High School
April 2015 with Oasis for Girls
May 2015 with the Pomeroy Center
Summer 2015 with TAY
Summer 2015 with Oasis for Girls
Fall 2015 with Lowell High School
Summer 2016 with Oasis for Girls
Fall 2016 with Oasis for Girls