The Picky Eater’s Anjali Shah Shares Tips to Eat Well Under Stress

Anjali Shah is the Owner and Food Writer behind The Picky Eater, and she knows her stuff when it comes to running a busy life and balancing a healthy diet. When we are struggling to keep up within our lives, that’s the most important time to eat well and stay strong.

Anjali has some solid tips to help keep an open mind about healthy food when under pressure:

1) Plan ahead – I like to encourage people to meal plan for the entire week, make a grocery list, and go grocery shopping once a week – that way they have everything they need in their fridge and they don’t have to think about what they might be having for dinner every night

2) Prep on the weekend – You can cut all your veggies/herbs/etc for all of the recipes you might be making each week in about an hour or two on the weekend. That makes cooking during the week way faster!

3) Try to plan no-cook meals — like a sandwich on sprouted grain bread with spinach, bell peppers, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes — and some fresh berries on the side for “dessert”. It’s super easy to prepare but will give you a balanced healthy meal! [Check in at the Heart of the City Farmers Market or new Healthy Corner Stores in SF for fresh and affordable seasonal produce.]

4) Cook for one day, eat for 3 – you can cook big batches of a recipe and eat them for a couple days in a row. It gets a little boring but makes healthy dinners super easy! [Change up condiments like salsa, hot sauce, lime, ginger and soy to vary flavors each time]

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