Delicious Food for Everyone (Spring 2017)

Cooking Friends,

We just hit a goal! We aimed to increase our capacity to a class every week, and we’ve succeeded! New and returning youth groups and chefs will be coming together to cook and break bread for six classes around the Bay Area in April. 

Cultural exploration has been key to our classes. Our chef teachers make recipes that are not only accessible and affordable, but also have personal meaning. Whether it’s part of their family tradition or their favorite thing to eat on a Sunday, these cooks open their hearts and share their stories through food. We CELEBRATE our diverse ancestry and LEARN about others’ cultures in every class. Scroll down to see the recipes we’ve been making from all around the world.

With more classes comes more availability for new and returning chef teachers. If you are interested in teaching, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

To close out women’s month, check out some of our favorite kitchen heroines below. 

Happy Spring!

Sophia Lorenzi
Operations Manager

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