Farmers Markets Around the City

 Farmers’ Markets

Every Sunday there are wonderful farmers’ markets that allow all of us urban dwellers, to connect with our local farmers that grow magnificent produce and livestock. Farmers’ markets are beneficial to communities for numerous reasons. People can go outside and pick their groceries, while seeing their neighbors. Not only does your community benefit, but the hardworking farmer as well. By cutting costs for transportation, and working with suppliers, the means of selling is cheaper for both the consumer and the farmer.

Clement St. Farmers’ Market

One farmers’ market in the city that displays wonderful produce and a diverse community is the Clement St. Farmers’ Market. A few blocks are reserved for numerous tents that sell anything from honey to persimmons. While strolling the streets different colors, smells, and tastes attract the curious (hungry) person. In season this time around the year are: strawberries, squash, zucchini, beets, sweet peppers, pomegranates, and potatoes. Grass-fed, organic, and local meats like beef, chicken, and lamb are also on sale along with freshly caught seafood like halibut, clams, and scallops. If you get hungry while browsing all these awesome fresh, local ingredients, you’re in luck! Stands that serve Indian, Mexican, and Cajun food can supply you with the ultimate snack time. The next free Sunday you have, instead of laying on your couch, go out and explore the Clement St. Farmers’ Market! You’ll be able to eat well and cook even better.

Farmers’ Markets Around San Francisco

Just in case you don’t live in the Inner Richmond District, right below is a list of farmers’ markets around the city.  Our friend Sarah Fritsche also shares information about farmers’ markets around the city like this one in the Bayview for the SF Chronicle quite frequently.

List of Farmers’ Markets:











Happy Cooking!

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