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Food is at the root of our community here at The Cooking Project, and for many of us, central in our story of self. Perhaps its your grandmother’s recipe for homemade meatballs or nasi kunig, a blend of herbs that make that one tea that always makes you feel better when you’re sick, or the first time you went grocery shopping at your now favorite farmer’s market. Whatever that story is, we want to hear from you!

We are launching “Food Stories” right here on our website, highlighting not just our connections to food, but also honoring the many significances food has for all of us and our communities.


We ask that your story centers around the themes we structure our youth classes around, choosing a minimum of two from the list below. Your story can be a long form essay, a poem, a song, a compilation of photographs or digital images, a short film, etc. We want you to tell your story the best way you know how to!

  1. Food, Family, and Ethnicity
  2. Food and the Community
  3. Food and Drink Trends
  4. Sustainability, Versatility, and Leftovers
  5. Food Shopping and Budgeting
  6. Food as Medicine
  7. Health and Safety in the Kitchen
  8. Temperature Controlled Cooking
  9. Knife Skills
  10.  Flavor Balance

Attach a recipe that you reference in your story, or one that has a direct application to what your story is about.

Use at least 1 high resolution image throughout your story, or other multimedia content (YouTube videos, gifs, infographics, etc.), citing them when they are not yours.

Email with your name, a few lines about yourself, the themes in your story, story title + attach the submission.


As a reference for your submission, check out “I like my fish and poi…” and “Want a Healthier Lifestyle?...”

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