Crisp Polenta with Bill Corbett

Cooking with Bill Corbett

Crisp Polenta with Mushrooms and Corn
Start with these ratios:
2 parts water 1 part milk 1 part polenta
Stir over medium heat constantly to prevent scorching on the bottom
Add grated cheese (Parmesan or similar)
Add salt and pepper to taste
When the consistency is thick and fluid without excess liquid, remove from heat (taste to make sure you think it’s done and seasoned well!)
Pour into baking dish and even out the top
Place Saran Wrap over to prevent a skin from forming
Set in the fridge to let cool


IMG_0191_2Mushrooms and Corn:
Slice mushrooms
Remove corn from cobs
Chop onion
Heat a pan over medium, add olive oil and stir in the onion; when it becomes semi-translucent, add some salt and then the mushrooms and corn, stir. Add pepper to taste. Turn down to low heat.

While the vegetables are sauteeing, heat some oil over medium-high in another pan. Cut the polenta into 5 inch triangles (or any shape you like.) Once the oil is hot, set in 3-4 pieces of polenta at a time (work in batches so as not to crowd,) let them brown, then turn and fry other side until also brown. Remove from heat and top with sautéed mushrooms and corn – a nice option is to a fried egg on top!